Playa Fly - Fuck A Wanna Be (1995/99, Diamond)


"I walked up to him and said what’s up, and he was like, "I’m working on my album, come with me." Literally like two hours later I was on a private jet with him going to Miami to work on his album. I didn’t have no clothes, no nothing; I was just out there. I had to buy all new clothes and everything."

Young Chop on working on P.Diddys new album (Kanyes too!)

Yo Gotti ft Wave Chapelle .Different Ways

Bone Thugz Look Back At “Creppin On Ah Come Up”


Bone share the stories about their classic debut EP @XXL.mag


lmao dis dat “droolin on myself wit mouth half-open” flow

Juicy J. Holy Ghost Feat Lil Bibby

lil bibbys first major guest appereance. while Lil Herb got his US of A exposure thru pink barbie world, Bibby chose trippy/college crowd to to build his presence on. will these foreshadow a different career paths Chicago rhyme slingers have chosen? will it matter?